When asked what’s the reason behind your success, what’s your secret ingredient? I used to reply, it is a bit like Kung Fu Panda – the secret ingredient is me! But I tell you what, I have such an amazing team around me and it’s all these talented people that make Arobake the thriving success it has become – Maximilian Fuhrer.

Our beginnings

Arobake was established in October 1989 as a small bakery in Aro Valley, these were humble beginnings taking over a failed health food bakery, it was pretty rough but the whole family chipped in and we scrubbed the place up … READ MORE

Our Team


Our Founder

After completing an apprenticeship at Barends Patisserie, Max headed to Switzerland to further his training… READ MORE
Back End – Admin / Wholesale team
Effective Collaboration is the goal, we achieve this by getting to know you and understanding your needs. This is the role of Max and Eugenie keeping in touch on the phone and popping in of the occasional visit. Ensuing not only a great product but the service you deserve.
 Janis looks after the accounts side of wholesale invoicing, statements and direct debits plus all our inhouse admin as well.
Front of House
Two things keep the customers coming back, great products and fantastic service. Our FOH team are ready to greet you with a smile, all the sudden they know your name, why? because you keep coming back.
Bread Bakers
Our 7 bread bakers do the grunt work at horrible hours of the night. Bread baking is hot and dusty and more physical than you might think. Never undervalue a loaf of bread and eat those crusts! Our breads are carefully fermented, hand moulded and a huge effort is put into producing them and making them crusty.
Cake & Pastry Cooks
We have 7 Cake and Pastry Cooks and these guys are run, run, running! Why? Because Wellingtonians love our cakes! I’m like, “you made how many lemon sour cakes? Wow! No way! And they are all gone?!” That’s what happens when you have perfected the lemon cake.
Our team of drivers are heading your way with all those breads and cakes that Wellingtonians have come to love. Watch out for the Ladybird.