When can I expect my delivery? The CBD will be delivered by 9.30am and the suburbs by 11.30am. Our drivers cannot cater to requests of specific delivery times. 

I live in Wellington, but don’t any see shipping options, why? There are a couple of reasons.

  1. The addresses you have entered is incomplete or incorrect – ALL details must be filled in correctly including region and postcode. Check the postcode on google (rather than NZ post) if you are having trouble. 
  2. You are outside our delivery area. We do not deliver to areas such as Makara, Ohariu Valley, Upper Hutt.

Can I have an order delivered the same day I order it? No.

I can only select Saturdays as my date of delivery, why? You have Zopf in your cart they are only made Saturdays.

I can only select Tuesday or Fridays as my date of delivery, why? You have Donuts in your cart. We only deliver them donuts on Tuesdays and Fridays.

I can only select Thursday as my date of delivery, why? You have Custard Squares in your cart, we only deliver these Thursdays

What days do you deliver? We deliver Monday to Saturday. We are closed all public holidays and Sundays.